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    I grew up in a show biz family, so playing characters and dressing up in costumes has pretty much been most of my life. Most of my young life was in family entertainment , either clowning around, or costume charactering. I never knew what my parents were going to drag me into next.

    As I started going through school, I became very interested in the behind the scenes of film and television. I soon went from working behind the scenes on local plays , to acting in them. It was terrific!

    It wasn't until my drama and media classes in High school I began to play and impersonate all different characters from movies and TV shows. I not only would impersonate them physically but vocally as well.  By the time I hit college, I was confused which way I wanted to head my life in. I was a DJ at the college radio station, where I used my vocal talents and impersonations to create a hour long comedy show. It was so much fun, and gave me a great hands on experience at being a radio DJ.
However, I still kept leading towards movies, and TV and theater.  All the students wanted me to act in their shows they would come up with. I didn't mind, but my college professors I think kept getting tired of seeing me in everything.

    After I graduated, I went on to do all different crazy things. From being an extra in film and TV shows, to writing my own plays which I would perform, to a cartoonist in a teen magazine, to impersonating Bullwinkle J. Moose to promote the openings of a Bullwinkle themed restaurant, voice over work for various companies, etc, etc, etc........

    So long story short, (too late), media arts has been my whole life. I enjoy performing whenever I can either physically or vocally , family entertainment, working in a haunted house attraction each October for the past 20 years (and counting), hanging out with my friends, and just being the crazy fun loving guy I am.


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